News 2021

New Opportunities in an era of COVID, Brexit and Off Payroll legislation

4 January 2021

It Continues Now would like to wish everyone in the B2B sector a happy new year – the End Clients on projects, our service delivery partners Contractor Umbrella Ltd, Volt Europe Ltd, Rawcliffe & Co and to Boomi® whose fine product we promote as an iPaaS.

There are challenges on many fronts in the business environment currently and we would like to make our position clear on a number on these topics:

On a more positive note...Boomi®

Since spring 2020 we have been a member of the Boomi Partner Programme, and in the context of the above we report the following

Boomi® is a registered trademark of Boomi Inc, a Dell Technologies Company. It Continues Now Ltd is an independent UK based company. Our membership of the Boomi Partnership Programme does not imply any ownership or liability of Boomi Inc for the services we provide to Clients.