News 2020

17 June 2020

It Continues Now has agreed to the extension of their contract to assist a leading US global manufacturer on-board their supplier base to their leading eCommerce platforms until March 2021

Since June 2018, we have managed eCommerce integrations to connect over 60 Suppliers trading with over 10 of our end-clients EMEA entities to manage supply of critical raw materials to over 30 manufacturing plants. A variety of source to pay integration models have been used (discrete order to invoice, scheduling agreements, supplier managed inventory) using several eCommerce tools (classic EDI, Elemica Cloud, Corcentric portal) with data being exchanged in real-time with the manufacturers SAP ERP. It Continues Now Ltd partners with Contractor Umbrella Ltd and Volt Europe Ltd for service delivery.

16 April 2020

It Continues Now joins the Boomi® Partner Programme

To date we have been very much a vendor neutral company and have focused our efforts on deep understanding of B2B models that manufacturers conduct with their customer, suppliers, and service partners such as logistics and banks.

We have now decided we will now promote Boomi®, as a preferred iPaaS, by joining their partner programme.

The barriers of entry to world-class B2B software have now been swept aside because of leaders like Boomi who provide low-code integration solutions hosted in the cloud. Large corporations who have on-premises B2B software requiring the hosting of servers, databases, security, scripting language can now move to a fully featured cloud platform and put the emphasis on enabling business outcomes rather than the management of technical infrastructure. More importantly, Boomi allows the digitisation of all participants of all sizes in a business process – B2B is no longer just exclusive to the large corporations.

After extensive research we were delighted to select Boomi® as the platform we will promote to our customers and their trading partners to enable business outcomes quicker. Over the next six months we plan to develop use cases that will re-imagine the possibilities of B2B exchanges and process automation. It is going to be exciting – watch this space!

Boomi® is a registered trademark of Boomi Inc, a Dell Technologies Company. It Continues Now Ltd is an independent UK based company. Our membership of the Boomi Partnership Programme does not imply any ownership or liability of Boomi Inc for the services we provide to Clients.